Wittmann Battenfeld Open House and Innovations Workshop

October 5, 2016

Think Small ±.0001” to be exact

Mold Craft, Inc. was asked to partner with Wittmann Battenfeld in Torrington CT during their open house and innovations workshop celebrating their 40th anniversary. Brian Heugh, Wittmann Battenfeld & Derrick Jahr, Mold Craft presented a technical presentation on micro molding, micro molding injection molding presses and designing/building micro molds on the main stage in Plant #1 at Wittmann Battenfeld, USA headquarters.

The Innovations Workshop also included a cell with the MicroPower 15t press and Mold Craft designed and built a Micro Mold using a hot runner system. The demonstration of a specialty designed and fabricated Micro Mold molding a 2 cavity geared micro-filter part of POM with hot runner, high precision process, integrated robot, dryer, temperature controller, camera system and Scara robot.

Mold Craft, Inc. is known for their exceptional Micro Mold design and build project due to their innovative design for manufacturing, attention to detail for very small molded parts and their tight tolerance manufacturing to ±0.0001”.


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