Production Quality Prototypes

For Perfection-Driven Customers

The goal is to get you Production Quality Parts in a prototype micro mold and quickly provide you proof of concept. You may be developing a new part intended to run in a micro mold or you may be considering a conversion from conventional molding to micro molding.

Mold Craft has developed a specific program where we own the mold base and molding steel which will reduce your upfront costs. We will custom design the molding steel around your specific part, exactly to your specifications with the ability to mold any plastic resin. The custom components that will need to be built consist of cavity inserts, ejector pins and an ejector retainer plate.

At the end of the day you receive molded parts that will meet your print and model. No limitations on corner radii. No limitations on tolerances. Built like a production mold.

This process helps minimize the steps required and provides a one stop shop that will allow your custom mold project to go from design to production-ready. Our molded samples give you as much information as possible cutting down on validation time, expense, and reduced internal troubleshooting. Bottom line, Mold Craft is qualified to get you where you are trying to go faster through thoughtfully engineered solutions.

Our Process

  • Utilize hardened tool steel cavity inserts
  • Design to run in our custom PQP frame
  • Design for scalability where applicable
  • Sample in our Wittmann Battenfeld MicroPower 15t
  • Process using end of arm tooling where applicable
  • Achieve your exacting print specifications
  • Single to multi-cavity configurations
  • Two-plate (open-close), single slide, pick outs, multi-slide
  • Any plastic resin you require: PP to PEEK and everything in between
  • Engineering resins including PLA, PLGA, LCP & Ultem

Our Expertise

Over the last five decades Mold Craft customers have come to rely on our tight tolerances and manufacturing precision. The knowledge and experience we’ve gained in micro injection molds uniquely qualifies us to provide micro part prototypes.

  • Common micro part types: gears, bone screws, filtration screens & implantables
  • Achieved part weights down to 5 milligrams (.005g)
  • Minimum theoretical shot volume .05cm³
  • Maximum shot volume 4cm³