Our Values

Quality injection mold manufacturing & design

It’s pretty simple. We want to make great injection molds.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re making molds for clients in the medical industry, microelectronics or consumer products. With every project, we follow the same values.

We Pursue Innovation in Injection Molding

The injection mold manufacturing industry gets better all the time. Injection molds get smaller. More precise. More long-lasting. Mold design builds on its own past. At Mold Craft, we want to be on the cutting edge of all the innovation within our industry. That’s why we employ the latest technology and stay up-to-date on industry trends and transitions. We want our custom injection molds to be the best they can be, and we know we need to keep moving forward to make that happen.

We Collaborate with Our Clients

mold craft mold shop planning meetingOur injection mold design, fabrication and production processes are customized around our clients’ needs. Our extensive injection mold manufacturing capabilities allow us to create a program designed to provide cost-effective support exactly where it’s needed. We’ll ask questions to find out what you need, and communicate throughout the process to ensure you’re involved from design to sampling.

We Get it Right the First Time

Our in-house injection mold design team works closely with our injection mold shop to ensure that their designs translate smoothly to production. Our attention to detail and straightforward drive for perfection mean our molds work right the first time around. Our exhaustive research and analysis process on the front end saves our clients time, money and energy.

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