Micro Injection Molds

High standards for tiny parts

Micro injection molds pose complex design problems. And complex design problems are our passion at Mold Craft.

Everything gets more complicated when parts get small. Gate location and style choices become critical. Put them in the right place and everything works. Put them in the wrong place and the tiny cavities might not fill properly. Tolerances become smaller and smaller, requiring highly specific experience and tooling capabilities for success.

Skills for Small Spaces

With micro injection molds, a deep understanding of the technical realities of fabricating and producing a mold become crucial. While a mold design may be theoretically perfect, working in miniscule dimensions allows for an equally small margin of error.  At Mold Craft, our in-house mold design team’s direct line of communication with the mold shop allows us to create micro injection mold designs that work exceptionally well in practice as well as theory.

Very Tight Tolerance to ±.0001″

micro injection molded one hundred micron gear filter Our micro injection molds can fit in your hand and produce parts smaller than the tip of a pen. We have the capabilities to produce parts as small as .020″ x .100″, with micro detail features under 0.010. We have the skills necessary to hold molded part tolerances to ±.001″. We’ve produced micro injection molds for clients in industries varying from medical device innovation to microelectronics. Our design team can work with you from day one to conceptualize your micro injection mold needs or come alongside you later in the game to put a fully-realized micro injection mold into production.

Want to Work with Us?

Do you have a micro injection mold project that requires deep skill, experience and attention to detail for success? Contact us today to find out how we can execute on the your micro injection mold needs.